24 May 2010

Jazz And Sapphire Have Been cooling Off At The Meres

Hello Bloggers We hope you are enjoying this very nice weather. It’s been lovely up here in Shropshire  where Jazz and little Sapphire have been sunbathing in the gardens with my big fishing umbrella as shade over their beds on the lawn. We have been going for walks early in the morning and after 8pm at night where it is nice and cool for them. We are lucky were some of our favourite walks have plenty of shade made by the trees and we have the Mere's very close by so if they want a paddle to cool their paws off they can do. Also there is plenty of wild life which is good as well.  Saying this we are ready for the winter as we had the central heating replaced in the house when we got back from the fun day weekend.  Last weekend was very quiet but Jazz and Sapphire though you might like to see one of the Meres in the sunshine this one is called Colemere

!cid_96D3B04785254CE0AEA0E3FAEE7AE630@alexPC Thank you Ian I think everyone has been feeling the heat but we must not complain. At least you are now all set for a cold winter with the new boiler. The weather forecast is cooler for tomorrow.


julie o said...

what a great place to have a walk

enid said...

They need to cool their paws is this heat.