21 May 2010

A Letter From Frances And Bedlington Rescue And Re-homing

What a lovely day yesterday was for the fun day. It was so encouraging to see so many pet Bedlingtons as opposed to show ones. I, personally was pleased to meet so many rescue Beddies from all over the country. The programme of events was very well thought out, especially the races which included owners and their pets. The children were very enthusiastic racing and entering the many classes in the show ring, after all this is how it should be? Thank you for allowing me to have a stall for Rescue, the long journey of nearly 8 hours was very worthwhile. I bought home with me £302.01p. This total was raised by so many people and I would like to thank them, on behalf of Rescue, very much for their time and generosity. Tracey for her London Marathon sponsorship, next year she is aiming to do the Paris Marathon....Good Luck. Dora for the lovely felted flower brooches, the many people who made doggie treats to sell. Stuart for his Lucky Dip prizes.
Angela for the donation of bags of dog food. Viv for the adorable pipe cleaner models of Bedlingtons. Louise for all her pieces of pottery. Pat for her donations of a dog crate, collars and leads. Not forgetting Peter Kiernan for his hours of trimming Bedlingtons, these lucky dogs had before and after snaps taken. One of my personal highlights was meeting John Glover, whose book I referred to a lot, in my early days of working Bedlingtons and the late John Piggin referred to John Glover on many occasions. Thanks again for all your support, Lesley, I am sorry if I have omitted to mention anybody. I bought back some 2010 Bedlington calendars and if anyone wants one for £5.00 then send a cheque made out to Bedlington Rescue and Rehoming to Waldron, Alltwalis, Carmarthen. SA32 7EA. These calendars are for 15 months!!! Frances Fuller

Thank you Frances, I do apologise for not getting this letter on the blog sooner but it went to my G-mail account which I only check occasionally. Another warm sunny fun day over for another year but not too long before the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club start planning the 2011 event, something for us all to look forward to!   


Trish said...

Wonderful to hear of all the rescue/re-home efforts to get funds. It is great to hear of all the people pitching in to make sure this booth was successful.



You are doing a grand job.

The Makems