28 May 2010

Lots of Birthdays Today

pup-1[6]First we say many happy returns to Tony Waller, have a great day Tony. 

And From Tricia In The USA

Just wanted to post of photo of my wonderful rescue dog, Storey, that turns 4 years old on Friday.  She is the most special girl.  After all her hardships in her other life, she is a very happy girl.  Her tail never stops wagging!!  I love her heaps and she brings so much joy into the house....she is the clown of the pack.  Not sure what we will do for her special day, but I plan to do something....depends on the weather....we have a ton of rain on the way.
P.S.  Simon, also turns 10 years old on Friday....how odd is that?



Archie has a birthday today and Jane celebrates her special birthday with a trip to the sun!


Monologue from the Midlands,

Hello everyone. Today it gives me enormous pleasure to announce it is our beloved Archie's 11th birthday.It is almost 12 months since he had his first seizure and we feared his time with us had come to a very premature end. Archie however had very different ideas and despite a few hiccups has gone from strength to strength. In fact he is on top form at present and living life to the full.

The photo of him is with his latest toy, we bought it onboard the aircraft on our journey home, (and NO the  girls aren’t allowed to play with it!) Whilst away the three girls went off to kennels, whereas Archie had the VIP treatment at the vets. And what a time he had!!!! The cleaner, first in, in the morning adored him, as he helped her get things ready for the day, he aided and abetted the vet nurses whilst going about their duties, he even sat in on the vets meetings, offering his invaluable advice no doubt. All in all he was the centre of attention and charmed everyone at the surgery, so much so they were sorry  to see him leave.The downside to his holiday was the excess pounds he managed to ecru, so No birthday pork pie, it’s a Ryvita instead!

Both Trevor and I were sorry we missed the Fun day it looked like a marvelous day. However  our plans were made some 50 years ago and we had a week in Turkey planned. Unfortunately we had not taken into account Volcanic ash, so we spent a gruelling 161/2 hours in Manchester Airport. Once arrived however we had a wonderful time, it was just a shame we lost a day or so of such a special occasion. Never mind we enjoyed the time we had! Jane xxx



What a special day the 28th of May is for the blog, happy birthday to all our very special bedlingtons, not forgetting Simon pussy  and many congratulations to Jane on her 50th birthday and of course Tony who will celebrating today. I think Archie had the time of his life at the vets he will be sad without his blog pork pie! How nice to hear of little rescue “Storey” so full of life and happy.  

Finally good luck to everyone showing at Bath today.


Keira said...

Happy Birthday to everybody who's celebrating today!!!

Peter said...

Happy birthday to all today! and good luck to those at Bath today

big mo said...

Happy Birthday to all have a great day.

Lesley 2 said...

Jane it sounds as if you and Trevor have had a great time. Archie - what can we say, just like his Dad, charming all the ladies!

Hope to see you soon

Carol Wharton- Smith

Madeline said...

Happy Birthday Tony, Jane and all the other birthday folk.

k9 said...

Happy Birthday to all (a special birthday hello to Tony from Sappire the rescue girl) from the K9 Marshal Crew

Polly said...

Happy birthday Tony, Jane and everyone.

tony waller said...

Happy Birthday all

J&T said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Tony. Happy Birthday to you!
Hope you have had a good day, (Archie certainly has!)See you soon.
Birthday wishes to Storey too.
Jane xxx

victoria,mr bojangles and baby rose said...

happy birthday all

Linda and Misty said...

Happy Birthday to all lv linda & Misty

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

greetings to all!

ed and rebecca said...

Happy Birthday everyone!x

julie o said...

happy birthday xxxx

enid said...

Happy birthday to all!