14 May 2010

Misty Goes To Derwent Water




We took Misty over to Derwent Water for an extra Birthday treat, like us he loves to explore the Lakes he thoroughly enjoyed his day out and slept sound all the way home. Linda & Misty

Thank you Linda these are just lovely photos, it must be fantastic to live near the Lake District.


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Lovely phtos Linda

ed and rebecca said...

Lucky Boy!

Donna said...

great snaps, for some reason i thought you lived down south

Linda and Misty said...

Thank you all we live in Normanby in the North East not far from Mark but we love to go over to the Lake District especially when it's not raining. All my boys have loved the lakes and I'm sure our new baby will too

Andrea from Neath said...

Love the photos, the one with the big hand sculpture looks like a candidate for the next calendar to me!

k9 said...

Hello Misty pups
we just love the photos they are great. just got in from our trip down to Brailes for the bedlie fun day lol Ian, Jazz and Sapphire The K9 Marshal Crew