10 May 2010

Monday And We Say Hello To Victoria

Sorry I haven't written for a few weeks,but we haven't had much to write about. My mum would like to thank everyone for sponsoring her in the London marathon. She ran it in 5 hours 45 minutes, about 1 1/2 hours quicker than we expected. She did really well with only a few bruised toenails, we are all very proud of her
We are all very excited about going to the fun day, and I am practicing obedience with Rose a lot, as I am taking her into the bronze good citizen award. We are taking our caravan with us and can't wait as it is our first time going out in it, my dad still has a bit to do on it, but it will be fine for the fun day. We are very lucky in this breed to have people who give up their time to organise events for us, if it is like previous years it will be a great day. Hope to see lots of you there. Love from Victoria Jack and Rose. x

jack_and_rose_xThank you Victoria, pleased mum is OK the bedlington community are all very proud of her! How exciting having a caravan. With the freedom you have holidaying with a caravan you and Sonny and the dogs are going to have a fantastic summer this year. What a lovely photo, Rose and Jack look very alike in this picture.


k9 said...


See you all at the fun day, I love the picture, and will sort out sponsorship.

Bye for now Carmel

Agathasmum Louise said...

The photo is lovely, they both look as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!


Hello Victoria

We would think a lot of Bedlington folk are all very proud of your mum in her achievement in the marathon, she would have beaten us by a week, well done. See you all at the weekend.

The Makems

Donna said...

nice photo but which dogs which?

ed and rebecca said...

cute picture!

victoria,mr bojangles and baby rose said...

hi donna rose is the littel one on the left

Sarah and Tony said...

Hi we're very impressed with your mum too. We have some sponsor money to give to her at the weekend, sorry we didn't get round to post it before our holiday.
Looking forward to seeing you again, and meeting Rose at last.
Ed and Ossie

Trish said...

Lovely photo