14 May 2010

More Lovely Baby Photos

New_puppies_4weeks_old_12th_May New_puppies_4weeks_old_12th_May_(5) New_puppies_4weeks_old_12th_May_(12)We went to see Misty's little baby"brothers" and "sister" again yesterday they are 28 days old now. They have changed so much in two weeks they are absolutely gorgeous. they are up and about and barking now. We can't wait for our next visit. Misty gave us a good investigation when we came home no doubt he can't wait to meet his new playmate love Linda & Misty

Thank you Linda you must be so excited, they certainly have changed. just another few weeks and he will be coming to his new home.


ed and rebecca said...

Great yawn!

Donna said...

the pup looks like hes laughing i wonder what he/she found so funny lol

Linda and Misty said...

These weeks seem to go on forever we are really looking forward to our new arrival though. They have changed so much in the last 2 weeks. M is such a good Mum and Mark you are doing a great job
Love Linda & Misty xx

julie o said...

looking good