08 May 2010

Newcastle Supporter Joins The Blog!


Hello Bloggers, I'm Martin and I live in Lowfell, that's just outside of Newcastle, where the "Black & Whites" live.  I've just been to The Makems for a hair cut and as we all know they are "Red & White".  But Eileen has done a good job on me and I got to meet the rest of the Makem clan especially Dusty the little horror. Hope me mam gets to see this and posts some more pictures of me soon.

!cid_FC2FC8EE-1DAF-497E-9FAB-22A2F58D4BB2Hello Martin and welcome to the land of bedlingtonpictures. Eileen has certainly made you look very handsome. I wonder if there are any more blog “Black and White” supporters? We have plenty of fishing fans on the blog but as yet bedlington football supports are thin on the ground! Keep the photos coming and welcome to the blog. 


Tina W said...

Hello Martin-Eileen has made you a handsome chap.

Mary said...

well.....footie, there's passion - what abt the amber army (cambridge united!!!) by my team has to be newcastle - nothing to do with alan shearer of course!!!!!!!!


Mary Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Alan Shearer

No wine for you at the fun day and you having a Makem dog, she's RED & WHITE.

The Makems

Donna said...

welcome martin, a lovely sun spot for trimming eileen

i used to trim a beddie bitch called shearer lol

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Hello Martin, nice to meet you again.
Glad you managed to talk Eileen into clipping a Geordie boy.
Hope all goes well, maybe see you showing next year at NBTC .

Ann from Redcar said...

Doing a good job Eileen he looks great