18 May 2010

News From Italy

Here the winter is still in .. we are so wet and plenty of rain that yesterday I took my redfish on the lead for a walk-swim…

In the meanwhile VIOLETTA has given birth to 5 puppies.. All of them are so gorgeous.. Have a look !! Love to everybody from a wet Italyc3 c5 Sorry to read about the weather, the tourists will be upset at all that rain. Many congratulations on the birth of Violetta’s lovely litter, they look gorgeous . We will look forward to lots more photos, enjoy them as they soon grow up.


David Bruce said...

Many of the pups shown on here seem to have either white feet, or white flashes on their chests.
Food for thought?

Donna said...

congrats on the pups, i love it when their feet are tucked up like that

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Well done Violetta! Please share plenty of photographs of these little ones growing up, I will watch them with great interest.
Good luck for the future.

love from all at our end.


Linda and Misty said...

Well done lovely pups, we have T's litter brother so we are really looking forward to seeing them grow up
love Linda & Misty xxx