13 May 2010

Northeast Natter From Our Julie And Derek

Good morning from the northeast back to normal after our weekend away we were so lucky and only had one shower. On Sunday morning the dogs had a great time and loved being in the fresh air. They were no bother Saturday when we went over to Kendal for the day. As always the dogs were centre on attention and a few times we were asked if people could get their photos. Sunday came and we didn't want to come home but after packing up the tent we had time for a trip to Ambleside for some baff buns which are a must when you go over the lakes!


Its great to see the next Northeast walk is going to be soon, get yourself there myself and the dogs will be there as no shows that weekend so hope to see you there.

I love seeing all the photos of the pups on the blog they are growing so fast keep them coming not that I am getting broody for another pup!  Well that is all from me this week if you are showing this weekend good luck and enjoy Julie


Photo are of Piper sat on Aunt Dawn’s knee and Whisper and Piper having brunch in Kendal .

Thank you Julie how lucky you were with the weather. When the weather is sunny and warm there is nowhere  more beautiful than the Lake District .

Hello Bloggers

Sunday brought a new Bedlington pup to the Makems to have her first trim.  She's called Jill and now lives up at Penshaw, that's where the Monument is that can be seen from the A19 while travelling north.  She's 15 weeks old so her first trim was just about the right time.  Her owner Colin was told she would not need a trim for months, bad info from someone.  We first met Jill up at Herrington Park.  We had met Colin a few times up at the park when he had his Lurchers and he always admired our tribe of Bedlingtons.  Alas he lost the Lurchers and was then given a Bedlington by a neighbour.  However the neighbours kids missed their dog so Colin gave it back.  Then the neighbour kindly bought Jill to give to Colin so all ended up happily.   Jill came from Boldon, Lancs, not sure who the breeder was but Jill does have papers etc.!cid_AE931C96-68EF-4F98-84E7-D267802F35FF-1

After the trim Jill had a good play with some of the Makems but our Dusty got a bit toooooooo  much for her so she gave a good snarl and a good show of teeth to calm Dusty down.  Eileen has had a good half dozen dogs to trim in the last week then she'll have to do a bit of repair work on our lot before the trip to the "souf".

!cid_08ECDDD6-FFDE-44DD-B61C-94FAE6089E5A So folks see some of you at the weekend in your best beach wear, bring plenty of sun cream and liquid refreshments, (alcoholic or otherwise). The Makems

Thank you Derek, Jill looks to be a nice shaped puppy I hope she behaved for Eileen  as it is not easy trimming a wriggly pup who is shy of the clippers. Safe journey down souf and see you tomorrow.


ed and rebecca said...

Im sure Hester would have loved a game with Jill!

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

good news derk. When and where is the walk?