30 April 2012

Notes: For The Bronze Test At The Fun Day


Click HERE for the Bronze Exercises
Responsibility And Care Questions

111112Click HERE for responsibility and care sheet
Please note that dogs must wear a normal collar and lead, Slip leads, all in one leads and body harness ( unless required due to genuine medical condition are not permitted) Please make sure the correct information is on your identification tag. Tags that you write the information on are allowed!

Carmel will go through the test and check your tags before the test on the fun day. Also please make sure you have a poo bag in your pocket as the examiner will ask to see it!

This is a very basic test and most well socialised  and handled dogs could pass without any form of professional training. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. There is a maximum of ten places for the test.
There are still a couple of test places available, please leave a note in the comments or email me if you like to go on the list. 

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