09 May 2010

Our Sunday Letter From Tricia In America

Good morning everyone.
It is Mother's Day here in the US, so I am going to start off by wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day.  The weather here has been "summer gorgeous" until last night when the temp dropped and this morning there is quite a chill in the air.  The girls and I have moved out activities outside now that the grooming is finish.  Time to get the yard in order.  We spent a lot of time this week getting weeds and grass out of the garden.....why can't I get that grass to grow in my yard???  During the weeding I have found that I have about 40 basil plants that I didn't plant & we discovered wild strawberries growing along the garden wall!!  The girls helped my friend Rebecca & her husband and me level out those piles of sand I told you of earlier....now they have a flat sandy area that they think is their play ground....lots of places to dig!!  That’ all I have this week.  Have a wonderful week & a big well done to Lesley and Diesel....  I love the jumping photo of her!!  Good luck in July!

Amelia_security_dogAmelia security dog

Thank you Tricia our weather has reverted back to winter just 6 degrees and rain yesterday. A little better today but still that biting cold wind. Goodness 40 basil plants and wild strawberries, I love wild strawberries, they are small but usually very sweet. A very happy mother’s day to you we have ours a few weeks ago.


Donna said...

happy mothers day tricia

J&T said...

Happy Mothers Day Trisha. I,m sure the girls adore their mum and all you share together!
Jane xxx