27 May 2010

Phew it's been Warm!

Some pictures of the puppies enjoying the warm sunshine in their improvised run outdoors. It was only late afternoon/ early evening that it was cool enough for them. They have all recently graduated from their course in escapology, hence the close proximity of their guard's lounger. The bonus of them being in the garden is it's easier cleaning up their poo's. Regards, Clifford Evans



Thank you Clifford , it is amazing to see just how much the pups change week by week. They certainly look like mischief makers, life is just one big ball of fun in-between snoozing and eating. You will certainly miss them when they go to their new homes.



karen said...

little cuties x

tom.chisholm said...

The pups are so cute!!!!!

Linda and Misty said...

They are gorgeous!!!

ed and rebecca said...

Nice weather for puppy watching!