29 May 2010

Saturday and we say hello Marie in Skye


It’s back to business as usual here, with Briagha fully recovered and misty/rainy weather on the island. The dogs both need haircuts again, especially Cody who looks like a hairy monster so I will try to do that over the weekend. Speaking of Cody, he was trying to chase away the cows who were leaning over the fence to eat the grass in my garden the other night. He would run at them and bark, then back off (because he's not really very brave). The cows completely ignored him and he wasn't amused, so he finally gave up. Briagha and I were watching from the window and it was hilarious. This weeks pic is another from the lake district. Marie

Thanks Marie Asha is really funny to she runs up to Parsley our pet sheep barking, as soon as Parsley so much as moves Asha runs off as fast as she can. Parsley is not at all frightened of the dogs and will butt them is they come to close. Raining  today  at agility, terrible agility runs as Diesel does not do rain!  Hope tomorrow is better.


julie o said...

stunning photo

J&T said...

Great photo yet again Marie. Everything crossed for good weather for Diesel, go girl, you,re a star.
Jane xxx

Linda and Misty said...

Lovely picture where was it taken??

Linda and Misty said...

So pleased Briagha is back to herself love Linda & Misty xx