23 May 2010

Summer Has Arrived On Oracoke

A bit of a slow start today.  I had a very late night as we hosted a HUGE wedding reception at the restaurant last night.  It was a lot of fun, but phew!  Wore me out! 
I was so glad to see how successful Fun Day was.  The pictures were great and it looked like everyone has tons of fun.  I can see this event getting bigger, and bigger  every year.  I can't wait to see what events get added to next years agenda.
I was happy to see Briagha is well.  It sounds like the same thing I went through with Grey in January. Very scary stuff, but like Briagha, Grey was fine....it was me that needed to recover!  the weather here has been gorgeous, summer has arrived here on the Outer Banks.  One of my friends at work was surprised by her husband with a JRT puppy and the girls are anxiously awaiting their turn to meet him.  She said to him "NO DOGS"!!  But he brought one home anyway and she said it was love at first sight!!  I can't wait to meet him too.  I think he will need a pack of females to keep him in line and try to wear him out!  We have had a pretty quiet week here.  The island is getting a little busier every week.  Next week end is Memorial Day weekend, which is the official kick off to summer here in the USA..it is a bank holiday and is always VERY busy....I am going to need to tune up my roller skates!  Until next week. Love to all of you, from all of us!

My_boy_Sam__the_6th_bedlingtonMy boy Sam the 6th Bedlington!

Thank you Tricia, well summer has arrived with us too, very hot over the weekend and not a cloud in the sky. Another puppy on the island how exciting do send us a photo, has the puppy  got a name yet?   What a handsome boy Sam is he looks very contented resting in the shade.  Have a good Memorial Day and Bank Holiday, enjoy the weekend but don‘t work to hard!

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