11 May 2010

Terrier Racing At The Fun Day.

The day’s racing will be a knockout competition. There will be 12 heats two dog’s in each  heat (total of 24 dogs). Heat winners will receive a rosette. The heat winners will then run (two dogs at a time) in the semi finals and final race to find our overall winner. 

DSC_2979 Billy our (racing man) at last year’s fun day

Who do you think will win? I place my bet on Chokko Pops,



Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Billy

The girls will all be swooning.

He! He! The Makem

Donna said...

switz swoo!!

k9 said...


Jazz wants to have a go, so save him a place

Trish said...

Nice "stud muffin" pose, Billy! lol