12 May 2010

This is Fun!


Stronger, faster and full of mischief. Whilst cleaning out their bed and run we let them loose in the sunroom. Despite putting down plastic sheeting, within seconds, six puppies were having a whale of a time collecting cob webs underneath the wicker furniture. If only we could encourage their housekeeping skills to clean up their mess.  Armed with a camera I was dizzy trying to catch them before the
inevitable. We managed to get away with one piddle and just caught one just about to do a poo!
You can feel their teeth coming through and for the moment gummy sucking is a favourite pastime. Can't wait until they are fully armed! 
Lesley I will let you choose from the pictures I’m still dizzy chasing them Regards, Clifford Evans

P5100022_copy P5100017_copy

Thank you Clifford what little mischief makers, there is a big wide world to explore under the wicker furniture! Luckily for you they still sleep a lot at this age and it won’t be long before they can go outside to play, have fun.


karen said...

How cute, you have got your hands full Clifford, lovely pics x


Now Then Clifford

They sure do look fine pup and nows the best time to have them as you can let them out and watch the play in the garden.

The Makems

Clifford Evans said...

It's still a bit early for them outside but hopefully the weathers looking up for the weekend. Every day they are spending more time at play but I have reservations about chasing them in the garden. I think I have some barbed wire in the shed!

Donna said...

you may not have any books left when their teeth come through lol