31 May 2010

Today At Corbridge Agricultural Show

Hello Bloggers,

Today saw the first of the North East Agricultural shows for 2010, this one being Corbridge.  Turned out a very nice day after the cold weather we have been having here in the North East, Gods Country, though a lot of us up here are wondering about this so called Global Warming myth. The Makem

!cid_61BD7DCC-9FCA-45E4-A769-CA81A97AD656 Best Pup went to Janmark Misty Horizons, 2nd Makems Lavendar Lady, 3rd Makems Caught in The Act, Res. Gnejnabay Solo Starboy At Gipcyan.

!cid_38002233-B0B6-4285-A753-DA35010D8B55 Graduate, 1st. Rubsters Piper At Jukenblu, 2nd Lisanne Singing The Blues, 3rd. Makems Precious Jewel ShCM


Open, 1st & BOB & Group 3 Sevray Whisper At Jukenblu ShCM, 2nd Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM

Thank you Derek for the photos and results, it certainly looks to have been a very pleasant sunny day. Congratulations to Mark for Best Puppy and Julie for BOB  and the group 3 placing.


Tina W said...

Well done everyone-you had nicer weather than Nottingham.

Sarah and Tony said...

Congratulations. I was thinking of you, as I was doing my gardening. Unfortunately, I was on-call, and didn't like to risk getting stuck in traffic, if I needed to leave in a hurry.

Mary said...

Well done Makems!

ian said...

well done julie for bob ian christine and belle

karen said...

well done everyone!

enid said...

Another successful day for the breed.