30 June 2010

Bonnie’s Puppy News (Another New Home)

Last week end Arthur or Oscar still undecided on his name left us to start
his new life with John and Sue Morgan in Cardiff. John has had Bedlington
Terriers before and has been waiting for the right time to take on a new puppy. P62600~1

John is a keen walker and has a new companion or will have when a little bigger to accompany him. John and his son collected him and rushed back to Cardiff so the rest of the family could get acquainted. Sue has had to forgo a planned holiday to Cornwall to accommodate the new arrival. I just hope the weather is as good later in the year for their rescheduled break. The picture of the brace of "Beauties" was taken just before John took Arthur / Oscar home. We have two puppies left Saffi the little girl and a little boy named temporarily "Trio". They do not appear to have missed their brothers and sister and seem to relish the extra space and attention.
Clifford Evans


Thank you Clifford what a hand full, very big babies now. Do hope you have passed on the blog address to the new owners. We have seen these babies every week since they were born and would love to see them grow and develop with their new families.


J&T said...

Wonder how long you managed to hold on to all three! They look a bundle of fun.
Jane xxx

Pat Evans said...

Thanks Jane, no worries, they were very secure; it just gets harder to part with them. Fun???? they are little monsters and we love 'em.
all the best, Patx

Donna said...

its been great watching your pups progress, i love the bottom pic!

big mo said...

you have done a great job with your first litter it was worth the wait.

Tina W said...

How old are the pups now?

Clifford Evans said...

Tina they are 12 weeks next Sunday
They have been out and about down the beach making friends. I will post some of these pictures shortly

ed and rebecca said...

What a sweet armful!