26 June 2010

Curiosity Got The Better Of Ben!

Sorry we have not been in touch lately but Dora has been so busy or so she tells us. She has been away from home quite often for a day or two at a time at meetings. We are really pleased to see her when she gets home but we do have lots of fun with Andrew when she is away.
Ben and I had a really good day at the Fun Day and we still talk about it. I have told Ben that he must practise all year so he gets his 'bronze' next year. Ben is a really good boy usually but sometimes he can be very silly. I am attaching a photo of him. The other day when we were on a walk he climbed over a 'fence' He had been eyeing it up for weeks but Dora always noticed. Anyway he got over this day but then got stuck - he had a real struggle to get back but did eventually, luckily .he did not hurt himself.
We really want to say how much we love the look of the new web page - it is really smart and Dora loves it too. All for now - Love from Lucy and Ben and Dora of-course.


Thank you Dora, Ben is such a character, he is a great big softie. Thank goodness he did not hurt himself climbing over the fence, he must have seen something very special on the other side! I am sure he will pass his bronze next year, third time lucky, it is a bit like taking your driving test you get there in the end! The Midland will be running the fun day next year, it will not be in May as recent years, 2011 is scheduled for July.

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julie o said...

great to see both ben and lucy back on the blog great report lucy you clever girl