28 June 2010

Good morning From The K9 Marshal Crew

Hello all, Well Little Jazz and Sapphire have been out and about again. In the week we have been getting up at 7:00am to go for our daily walks in the coolness of the morning before it gets to hot. Both dogs have been paddling in the Meres to cool their paws down, we then in the evening walk after 7:00pm when it goes cool again.


On Saturday Jazz ,Sapphire and myself travelled over to Wellington in Telford for yet another dog display with the dog display team, Since it was warmish on our way we had the windows and the sunroof open on the car so Jazz and Sapphire could have the wind blowing through their top knots. 


The display went well considering the heat all the dogs were kept in the shade of a gazebo and the shade of the p.a. system trailer. Once the display was over we went back to the car were mum had kindly got some WET COATS that she bought from one of the shows so I soaked the coats and put them on the dogs. They worked like a charm and kept the K9 Marshal Crew nice and cool!      

On Sunday we went to the park on the banks of the main mere to see the competitors do this years triathlon event based in the park. They do a 5 mile swim in the mere followed by a 25k cycle ride then finished of by a 10k run. Well laugh I had tears of laughter running down my face because Jazz and Sapphire wanted to do the swim with them and show them how to do it. It was so funny even the spectators was laughing too! Hopefully on Saturday 3rd of July we will travel up to Wrexham for yet another dog display and we will let you know how that one goes.  All the best to you all and keep enjoying this lovely weather from Ian, Jazz and little Sapphire.

Thank you Ian another very busy weekend, the dog display team certainly get about! I made some cool coats for the dogs out of absorbent cloth and they work a treat, they certainly help for agility during hot weather. I wet them put them in a plastic freezer bag and pop them in the freezer compartment in the motorhome for about 30 minutes. Once ice cool I pop them on the dogs just 10 minutes before they run an agility course! 

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ed and rebecca said...

What busy little dogs!