30 June 2010

Ralphie And Hester Get steamed up!

We thought you might like to see some photos of what Ralphie and Hester got up to last Sunday. We took our two scruffs to the Preston Rally and East Kent Show and they both really enjoyed it. There were hundreds of vintage vehicles, classic cars and army vehicles as well as hundreds of steam powered machines from apple squishers to ploughs, steam rollers to model engines.!cid_CA090E18-3BDF-4DFC-BD30-14FA0C1C1E93

The puffing and whooshing didn't bother them at all and Hester seemed to enjoy the organ music . There was also a funfair with carousels and bumper cars and plenty of ice cream stalls. They also had ferret and terrier racing and dog agility. The dogs as usual worked the crowd and met several admirers including a nice couple that we sent to the BTA website for puppy info as well as several people who, "hadn't seen one of those for a long time". Then as it was such a hot day we all had ice creams and then went home before we melted! Love from Ed, Rebecca, Ralphie and Hester x.


Thank you Ed and Becs, I think Hester and Ralphie were one of the star attractions! It certainly is a fantastic day out, If we lived nearer I would be there entering the terrier racing with Parker. We are going to the The CLA Game Fair end at the end of the month can’t wait but hope it is not going to be to hot!


Donna said...

i love these shows although brian looks at the engines in fine detail and thats when i lose interest

big mo said...

Elwyn would have loved a day out he loves these old machines ???

Tina W said...

Tony loves them too-it was an old lorry that he drove the groom and best man to the wedding in last year and them came back for me.

Sarah and Tony said...

Glad to see you are feeling better Ralphie, and able to enjoy your day out. Tony would also have loved to see all those vintage vehicles.
Ed and Ossie, Sarah and Tony

ed and rebecca said...

Ralphie is feeling better, thakyou. He had the all clear at the vets today.

Kathy Alders said...

Hi Ed, Rebecca, Ralphie and Hester,
you guys look like you are having so much fun with those two humans! lol Hester looks absolutely georgeous sitting under that huge tractor, she has grown so much, looking at her in Ed's arms they both look really happy :0)