27 June 2010

Too Hot On Oracoke Island

I'm very excited to read how well everyone is doing at the shows! The photos of the dogs look wonderful. I love the photo of the Paws in the X pen and hope agility is going well for Lesley. Then I read there are more new puppies! How much fun....I love following their progress on the blog.
Here in Ocracoke, we have been very dull. It has been too hot and humid to go outside and do anything. Early in the morning when I get up (7 am) it is already 85F. As I write this it at 10 am and it is 93F! And is going to 100F! Since I work outside, I am wiped out by the time I get home. It boggles my mind that people want to sit outside in this heat and eat. It amazes me that they can eat at all! Not only that, they will wait for up to an hour for a table on the Porch, so they can sit in the heat! I just don't get it, but it pays my bills. The girls can stand about 15 minutes out there and then they are at the door begging to come inside in the AC. I am thinking about getting them a wading pool to see if they will go in that......I don't see any of them actually getting in. They will think it is a giant water bowl! Although Amelia likes to play in the hose. When I water the plants she is always trying to bite at the shower spray & if I spray her, she runs around and comes back for more! The other 4 huddle at the end of the deck as if to say "don't spray us with that"! Wish I had more dramatic news.....well, maybe not, I like the quiet, uneventful life I lead....Until next time. Enjoy the summer, it is flying by!

Thank you Trica, it is very hot here too, although not on the 90 degrees! I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than eating food feeling hot and very sticky. As you say the tourists pay the bills and as long as they are happy anything goes! How did Amelia’s little op go? I presume she has recovered and is fit and well if she is playing with the hose pipe.


enid said...

It's hot here in the UK too.Too hot for dogs to be outside.

Trish said...

Les, we haven't made it up to the vets yet to get Amelia done. I am thinking of putting if off until fall when I have more time off and the traffic getting off and coming on the island isn't so bad. We are still waiting for Chris's truck to be delivered to the dealer too.

Glad to hear everyone is getting to share in the summer heat. We have gone from one extreme (last winter) to another all up and down the east coast.