29 June 2010

Tuesday And Midland Musings From Jane

Hi All from sunny Worcestershire., Life here is still rather strange, Archie's passing has left a huge void and his quirky personality is missed tremendously. Maya, his dreadful daughter has been trying to make up for any emptiness we have been feeling. As is with the order of things the girls have been re jiggling their positions in the pack and generally misbehaving while they re-establish family life. Just as I was due to finish my shift on Sunday morning, Steve, a neighbour from a few doors away, came down to the shop to say one of our dogs was in their garden. He had tried to alert Trevor but hadn't been able to find him, so had come down to see if I was at work. I duly hurried back up the road only to find Trevor at our neighbours gate with the errant Maya in his arms. The bedlington Houdini, it was revealed had chewed a hole in part of the fence that was hidden behind another fence panel out of our sight. Needless to say she had found the adventure great fun! Though she was none too amused as I began to remove all of those horrible little sticky baubles she had become adorned with while on the loose. She certainly has inherited her fathers personality, gregarious, demonstrative and so full of fun. Trevor and I are so grateful a certain person did as we requested when she decided to return her to us, that, we must thank her for! Finally lets hope this glorious weather continues and a long hot summer is on the cards! Jane xxx


Is This The way Out?

Thank you Jane, it is such a worry when one of the dogs escapes, luckily a neighbour found her before she did a runner to far up the road! As you say Maya is a very special girl and how lucky she was returned as Archie lives on in her fun personality!


Donna said...

glad maya didnt go to far that was cheeky of her.
jane, last night monty was solid with those seeds took nearly 2hrs to remove, will post a pic later.

lesley it is tuesday today?

Lesley R Caines said...

Thanks Donna another senior moment!!!!!!

Trish said...

Glad Maya is safe and sound. It is so scary when they go on a walk about. I really like the photo of her.

Tina W said...

Glad Maya was safe and sound-they are funny the things they get up to!

Donna said...

sorry those pics i wanted to post havent come out

big mo said...

thats a great ending.