21 July 2010

Bailey Pup The Live Wire


Bailey is a little live wire and such a little character he is quite bossy Misty just gives in to him so Bailey takes full advantage. He has the attitude of what's yours is mine and what's mine is my own poor Misty jumps on the settee out of his way but it won't be long before he can get up. He climbs up my legs then Misty takes off onto one of the other sofas or the chair !!! Linda, Peter, Misty & Bailey-Jay



Thank you Linda for the photos. What a great puppy Bailey is  with lots of attitude. All young pups think they are top dogs I expect Misty will eventually put him in his place.


Tina W said...

SShh don't waken the pup it's finally asleep!!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

No, I dont believe it!

Butter wouldnt melt in his mouth!

Glad hes settled in well Linda, Love & kisses from his mam & dad.

ed and rebecca said...

Oh dear poor Misty, puppy teeth don't last forever. They're going to have lot's of fun.