08 July 2010

Birthday Visit

Big Mo and Elwyn

I had a very enjoyable with Big Mo and birthday boy Elwyn today.  They are both in very good form, especially because of having daughter Linda and baby Alma over from New Zealand and spending quality time with them.  Linda is very much a chip off the old (Mo!) block and so stimulating company, and the baby, Alma, is just gorgeous.  Like all babies, she is very curious about the world around her, and endlessly endearing.  It would be great if she took her first steps in Wales.

Linda and Alma are receiving great hospitality from Enid and Hefin, which is a great boon to them all. We went for a walk along the 'Dr Who' line;  photos were taken, which I hope will find their way onto the blog. Madeline

Thank you Madeline it sounds like Elwyn had a lovely family and friends day for his birthday, we will look forward to the photos!

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big mo said...

yes we had a great day Madaline made a fish pie and a trifull i cant spell that, also a birthday cake with candles Elwyn did not blow the candles out Alma did a bit of practice as her 1st birthday is at the end of the month, so thankyou Madaline for a lovely day.