27 July 2010

Bluesmurf Pet Supplies

Stall Treats For NBTC Championship Show

We will be selling Pedigree Gravy Bones (Original & Chicken), Markies (Original & Minin), Bicrok Multi, Jumbone Mini & Medium, Fish4Dogs, Tripe Sticks, Dried Sausage, Dried Liver, Roast Bones, Chew Brushes (Natural Treats in the shape of a toothbrush), James Wellbeloved Pure Incentives, Wagg Sensitive Treats and Wagg Puppy Treats. I have tried to make it varied so that there should be something for everyone!!

If anyone has an enquiry relating to any products that they require for their pets, not just Bedlingtons, they can e-mail me direct at bluesmurfpetsupplies@hotmail.com where I can give them a price and deliver it to the show if necessary Thanks  Chris



Sounds appetising Chris.

The Makem

Carol said...

Wishing you all the best in your new venture

big mo said...

good luck with your new stall