08 July 2010

Brother And Sister Need A new Home. A Letter To The Blog From, Bedlington Rescue And Re-homing

Hello, Lesley, can you help? I have to find a home for a brother and sister, on the Isle of Wight,. Their owner died, last week, and at the moment they are with a 78 year old lady who cannot keep them for too long. They are called Jasper and Rosie, 11 years old, blue and lively. The vet has said that their vaccinations are up to date and apart from minor illnesses they are very healthy. Jasper has been neutered and Rosie spayed. They have to be re-homed together. Can any visitor to your blog help out? Please contact  Frances Fuller  01559 384499. Thank you.


k9 said...

We hope some one can give them a nice home soon poor little orphans from the K9 Marshal Crew

Trish said...

Hope these 2 get a home soon. They have had to go through enough lately with losing their owner. I would snap them up in a minute, if I were there.

patricia said...

Good luck I am sure you will soon find homes, I wish I had acres and acres.