14 July 2010

Can You Give Toby A Home


Bedlington Cross

Toby is an eight year old Bedlington cross. He is a very amiable chap who is good with other dogs and people alike. He has lots of energy and would like a home where he will get lots of stimulation and exercise.

Waggy Tails Rescue

69 Cobham Road,
Ferndown Industrial Estate,
BH21 7QE
01202 875000


Tina W said...

Toby looks great for his age-let's hope someone can give him a good home soon.

Sally said...

Adorable .. If only x

big mo said...

there sure seems to be a lot of bedlington in him, i think he is lovely

patricia said...

Oh - not another, I nearly came home from shopping today with a little bedlington, he was with 3 ????????? all drinking cans, they rescued him from a gypsy site, but they looked undesirable too. I nearly offered them some money for him, I bet they would have took it too. Hope he is ok

David Bruce said...

I dont think there much else in him Mo.
Hope the little fella finds someone to look after him for the rest of his days.

enid said...

What a lovely looking dog. I don't think there is much of anything else in him either.