28 July 2010

Digger Receives His Special Cake



My boys cake arrived last week from Daisy's Dog deli on behalf of Dogs Today magazine - it was huge and they loved it (we had to share with some dog friends as it was too much for two oldies)!! Here are said pics of cake and Digger waiting for his cue.


Can You Help

I am currently completing my canine behaviour certificate with the 'Think Dog' team - my current assignment is to consider other factors that contribute to behavioural issues such as diet and medication and I need real life examples of how medication or diet has affected dogs either physically emotionally or behaviourally. I can be contacted on the following email address;
salliecinammon@googlemail.com Thanks in advance Sally

Thank you Sally what a fantastic cake it certainly looks very yummy!!! I just love the look on Digger’s face.

Talking about Diet, my old girl Chelsea who is 14 has suffered very badly with an allergy affecting her ears. paws and tail. The allergy is at its worst in the summer and probably environmental.  Last summer her ear canal had completely closed through swelling. Just by chance last winter I started feeding her raw salmon trimmings which I get from the supermarket. I add the fish daily and she loves it. Would you believe no sign of any allergy this summer, her ears are scared  but not inflamed and no more brown paws and bottom  from the constant licking. The only difference to her life in no more medication and daily raw salmon in her diet. Could it be the fish or has the problem just  gone away?    Although she is now going deaf It is lovely to see her so well and without the constant irritation.


Benny said...

Looks very nice, I have to hide this photo from my dogs..hehe :)

Sally said...

Hi Leslie I would love to use that as an example to be honest it could be anyone of those three medication can certainly have an impact and can cause symptoms in one dog and not in another I do think diet plays a huge part in physical and behavioural health issues - I need as many real life examples as you guys can come up with so don't be shy !

Tina W said...

The cake looks lovely-lucky Digger and Drew.

Donna said...

what is the cake made of? looks like something from the chippy?

Sally said...

Lol it's turkey and Rosemary the 'boys' loved it - it's a cake for dogs using only fresh organic ingredients