08 July 2010

Dog News: Car stolen from caravan park at Windsor show

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I think this is a lesson for us all, you just don’t know who is wandering about on show campsites looking for an opportunity to steal! This lady was lucky she had her dogs with her as they may have been stolen as well


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

This lady was my next door neighbour on the site. It happened on terrier day so we missed it all. She was an unbelievable old lady & shrugged it all off, least she had her dogs(noisey little buggers). We couldnt even get her storage points open on her caravan, to empty the bog, etc as they had took her keys.
There was a warning going around the night before that thiefs were around so lock up your genies!!

Trish said...

It is very sad that you can't even go to a dog show and not have to worry about someone stealing your stuff.