30 June 2010


The East Anglian Bedlington Norfolk Show Meet

The East Anglians had another of our famed (notorious?) get-togethers at the Royal Norfolk Show today.  In between the Pimms and strawberries and cream, we managed to fit in a bit of showing, and our Bonnie took BOB and Group 4, and Penfold won the Terrier Veteran class and went on to BVIS (Day 1).  The picture shows the gang (and no, we are not the "Norfolk broads" ...) - Viv with Rowan and Krystal, Mary with Brenda and Bridget, Joan with Ziggy and Petal, Edd with Bonnie and Penfold and Lucy with Freddie. The other member of the gang, Karen, had left for home (with Taz) by the time the Pimms ran out and we thought we ought to record the day for posterity. And to round off a good day for us personally, Penfold won £15 in one of the Stakes classes, and Krystal Whippet won a fiver, so another bottle of something or other might be on the cards for the next show. Viv xxx


Pimms , Srawberries and winning prizes in perfect weather, I think I missed a great day out. Well done to everyone especially Penfold for BVIS and £15 for a bottle for the next show. 

We have several bedlingtons in our area now and we are going to arrange a Cotswold Bedlington Meet for next Spring. Thinking about it  we will have Northeast, East Anglian, Southeast, and now Cotswold groups. I am sure Wales could easily get a group together too! Perhaps one day there will be enough groups  to run a Bedlington fun day  teams event!        



Soooooo your not "The Norfolk Broads" I would say "The Fen Gang". Looks like you had a good day.

The Makem

bill said...

Pimms and strawberries does sound good
well done all

k9 said...

The K9 marshal crew have spotted you Mary lol great picture glad you had a good time from Ian, Jazz Man and Sapphire Pups