18 July 2010

Good morning everyone From Oracoke!

We have been lucky to have a few heavy rainstorms a couple of days this week.  The garden has gone wild with the rainwater!  Everything is green again, at least for awhile.  I have started my cooking for when the family arrives bright and early Saturday morning.  They will drive through the night so the girls can sleep. (It is a 14 hour drive)  The parents will be ready for bed when they arrive, but the girls will be ready to go!  All of the dogs have gotten to spend a little more time outside in the morning while I work on the garden,  but by the time 10 am rolls around it is far too hot for them.  They seem content to be in the AC.  They will be very surprised ( even though I keep telling them) when everyone arrives Saturday.  They will be beside themselves with excitement.......and the cat will hide for 2 days!  There will be another dog in the mix, the Granddog, Pammie....I think she is about 8 years old and is always so happy to see us all.  I think she really enjoys being part of a pack for a week.  She does everything with us through out the day and she is sooo sweet...she is a little Shitz Tsu (spellling??)

I was so thrilled to read this morning about Rosie and Jasper!!  What a wonderful opportunity for them.  It is a shame that 2 at this age have to lose their home that they have grown up in, but how wonderful that they have found another perfect one. Wish there was more from this end, like Marie, I live on an island and work all the time too & not much happens here, but it is a wonderful life and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Hopefully next Sunday I will be able to get a report in.  If you don't hear from me, it will because I am overwhelmed with little girls....when everyone arrives on the island (they are not all staying with me) there will be 5 of them!!!  One for each dog!!  Wish me luck.


Sky Over Oracoke 

Thanks Tricia you must be so excited, I can’t remember whether you said you have time off while the family are visiting! We will be thinking of you next weekend girls, girls, girls in your house! Have fun and we will  look forward to hearing from you  and seeing  some family pics (especially the birthday party) when you have time.


Elaine & Ern said...

Have fun with your pack (human and canine)

Like the photo - liking the Backporch updates on FB even more - they make me soooo hungry.

Marie said...

Terrific sky Trish.
Enjoy your visitors :-)

Sarah and Tony said...

Beautiful picture.