07 July 2010

Hello All

Well The K9 Marshal Crew did another display at the weekend in Wrexham were everything went well, except for one little girl dog who got a bit carried away on the agility part of the display. She was so wound up she went round the agility course like a rocket, she went through the tunnel as if it was the wall of death, and then onto the 60 feet long dog walk which she did at a very fast pace jumped onto the table and skidded of it into the crowd where they all laughed as they caught her in mid air, and yes it was our little Sapphire! Even the rest of the display team were asking me what I had fed her for the turn of speed to which I replied plenty of Baked Beans! Once we had finished the display the people (who Sapphire had landed into by the table) came round to see Sapphire to give her a big fuss and to make sure she was alright. She had a big smile on her face and her tail was wagging ten to the dozen.


For most of Sunday Jazz and Sapphire spent the day playing in the garden and Monday spent from 8am till 11:15am looking through the front fence waiting for Mum and Brian to get back from Blackpool Dog Show. When they did arrive home they went mad with excitement and emptied all their toys out of the toy box and took them to Mum and Brian as presents

This weekend we aren't doing any displays although the team are off to Newport on Saturday for a big show and on Sunday for another show just outside of Shrewsbury, The K9 Marshal Crew are off to Whitchurch for a bit of grass tracking (car grass tracking) and a morning of marshalling then an afternoon of mechanicing for one of our friend who races a class 7 modified saloon car. We will get a picture of his car for our next report. Lol Ian, Jazz and little Sapphire

Thank you Ian what busy life your bedlingtons lead, every weekend is fun and games for the k9 marshal crew . It is fantastic to see the dogs  enjoying such a wide range of fun activities..   


julie o said...

you are such busy dogs xx

bill said...

get some piks of the grass tracking Ian

k9 said...

We Will do Billy Our friend races their.he has a vw polo estate powered by a 2.5ltr Turbo charged 16 valve Ford Cosworth engine so it kinda moves a bit quick lol IAN,JAZZ and SAPPHIRE pups