28 July 2010

Hello From Enid In Wales

Good morning, Bloggers. After the excitement of last weekend at Leeds we have come back to reality. My washing machine broke down and I've had to have a new one even though it was only two years old and they are coming to repair the ceiling in the kitchen at long last so everything has has to be removed. Linda and Alma have been with us for three weeks and the time has flown. Alma loves the dogs  but although Fizz will eat anything, she draws the line at gravel! It's Alma's first birthday on Thursday and she is going to celebrate with a cake at Nana Maureen and Grandpa Elwyn's. We will have to miss the fun because we will be going to the Midland Bedlington seminar in Kegworth but I'll take a birthday photo with the Welsh flag flying. They leave for NZ on Monday when we will be at Paignton Enid


Thank you Enid and many congratulations for your BOB at Leeds. It is so exciting to win at one of the major shows. A very happy birthday to baby Alma we will look forward to seeing the photos. We are off today to the UK agility Nationals where Diesel is  competing  in the Tug –E--Nuff  agility final on Friday. Unfortunately rain is forecast, Diesel does not do rain!!!!


Tina W said...

Good luck for Paignton and Happy Birthday Alma for tomorrow-enjoy your cake!

k9 said...

Happy Birthday little Alma we hope you have a fantastic day and good luck to everyone going to Paigton show from The K9 Marshal Crew

big mo said...

good luck to those at Paigton, Stuart rang to say he is at Paigton ready for the show and the site he is on the fishing is good.and wee Alma took her first step yesterday the look on her face was wonderfull

big mo said...

The tomatoes are looking good.

J&T said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy 1st Birthday dear Alma. Happy Birthday to You!
Happy toddlings, have a lovely day.
Trevor & Jane xxx