13 July 2010

Jazz And Sapphire Go Grass Track Racing

Hello All

Well The K9 Marshal Crew have been relaxing this Saturday with a lie in till 9:30am before they decided to get up. We had some breakfast and then had a a very long walk down the canal to Colemere and back home a total walk mileage of 10.5 miles. Jazz and Sapphire had there usual trick of dipping their paws in the mere and having a paddle. Once we were home. I put their beds in the garden so they could have a sunbathe in the front garden which they thought was great. P110710_14_00

On Sunday they tried their paws out on something new ( New to Jazz and Sapphire but not for me) and that was the sport of Grass Tracking with cars. They were impressed at the speed of the cars and they even had a slow ride in our friends class 7 modified saloon car in the pits when the racing was over. At the interval they had a sausage dinner and a nice drink of water to wash it down, we got home at 5:30pm just in time to have their teas and to sit down ready to watch the latest round of the World Rally Championship on channel Dave (freeview ). Jazz and Sapphire would like to share these photos of the pits area and a picture of our friends grass tracking car with you ( By the way its not a standard vw polo estate, there is a 2.5 litre turbo charged engine sitting were the back seats should be)


Thank you Ian, another busy weekend for the K9 Marshall Crew. Ian tells me the racing club may use the above photo on their next rally programme and on their Grass Track Website. Jazz and Sapphire are definitely top dogs when it comes to the world of rallying!



Hi Ian

Do you ever get up to the Croft circuit near Darlington??. Would come and see these great ralliers if you did.

The Makems

enid said...

Love the purple car!

big mo said...

this is a great photo the dogs look quite at home.

bill said...

like the car Ian,i used to make grass track cars for my friend,we went thru loads of scafold,dont know how many times we nearly got caught as well

k9 said...

Hi Derek
We tend to stay away from the Moter raceing Circuits they dont allow dog to enter that is why we tent to stick to the forests and grasstracking fields

k9 said...

Hi Bill
We are laughing our heads off here its a good friendly grassroot sport when you get into it and family friendly too The K9 Marshal Crew