22 July 2010

Katie & Alice


Hi Lesley these are some photos of Katie and our Daughter Alice. We purchased Katie from Clifford and Pat Evans. We purchased Katie for our daughter Alice and they are becoming great friends. Strangely enough I purchase my First Bedlington a little Bitch called Barnsnap Ballet Dancer in 1985 from Tom and Mary McErlean.The puppies were born the 5/4/1985 and then Tom and Mary took our little girl to Southern Counties Championship show and gave her to Ken Bounden. Ken brought her back to Exeter that night .We travelled up from Plymouth to collect her. 25 years on Katie was born 11 April and we travelled to Wales on the Saturday that Southern Counties show was being held. Chloe lived to she was 14 years 6 months.We had 2 litters from her .We kept Jimmy from the first litter and he live to over 16 years and was sired by Ken Bounden's Cham100_1208pion Greywolf Of Tolpedn in 1989.Our second litter was Sired by Foggy Furze Fulmar owned by Janet Brandrick in 1990. I showed Chloe a lot in those days and she qualified for Crufts on numerous occasions .

So this time my Wife Jena decided she would like to cut Katie and has done very well on her first attempt. Barry, Jena, Alice & Katie


Time for a nap!

Thank you Barry. Wow what a history of owning breeding and showing Bedlingtons! How nice you have decided to have another bedlington in the family. I do hope you decide to show Katie and work towards having another Crufts qualifier in the family. Katie is well on the way as Jena has certainly made her look very smart.


karen said...

cute pictures x

Trish said...

To adorable for words!

Tina W said...

OH so quiet!! Great snap!

ed and rebecca said...

That'a a very sweet photo!