20 July 2010

Latest Instalment About Bonnie’s Puppies

Saffi's First Ice Cream and Haircut

A trip to the seaside is going to get more expensive from now on Saffi also
likes ice cream. If we are lucky Pat I get a lick each and the girls finish the rest. Misty has the best technique and bites big lumps and its all out war over the cone. They tend to draw a lot of attention when they have ice cream all over their chops.


Pat eventually allowed me to give Saffi her first trim. She looked very ragged as the long puppy coat was coming off. I did it in two stints and left her tail and ears until the following morning, luckily no none saw her in this state. It still not perfect but it's a start, it's difficult operating scissors and clippers on a moving target. So it was off to Carmarthen to show off her new hairdo and meet lots of people, she was a little shy of crowds on previous outings but today was loving it. Clifford Evans


Thank you Clifford, I don’t know of a bedlington that does not love ice cream, they certainly are tucking into that cone! Well done on the clipping Saffi looks quite the young smart girl ready for a trip to town!


enid said...

Howsmart is that! I bet she was a real crowd puller in Camarthen.

J&T said...

Saffi looks lovely, trimming puppies is NO easy task! I think dogs enjoy everything seaside as much as small children. Especially ice cream lol!!!
Jane xxx

big mo said...

thats a good job and who did the trimming,

k9 said...

Ah she looks so cute and i know how much they like ice~cream our previous Bedlingtons ( Ruby and Rusty ) would not pass an ice~cream van untill they had their ice~cream lol Ian,Jazz and Sapphire The K9 Marshal Crew

Polly said...

Awww Is there anything more cute than a Bedlington puppy eating ice cream?

She looks sweet enough to eat LOL