06 July 2010

Linda and Alma


Alma and Linda have settled in with us and have almost got over their jet lag. Alma loves the dogs especially Larry and Fizz. Larry has always been the same - he adores babies! Enid

Thank you Enid it is fantastic for Elwyn and Big Mo to meet their new granddaughter. I hope they are all having a lovely time playing with Alma and catching up with all the family news from New Zealand All our love goes to Big Mo and the family..


Madeline said...

Great photo of your NZ visitors - and bedlies. Very generous hospitality Enid - and I know Mo is loving having Linda and Alma with her.

big mo said...

they are just getting over there jet lag, and its great to have them home i will take a photo when i get time.

julie o said...

great to see your family here