20 July 2010


I wondered if anyone can help us find a Supplier of a natural product  called Lorax. When we first got Bedlingtons we bought a new clipper and the recommended blades from our local kennel shop. We saw this product and have used it ever since.but now our kennel shop has closed. This  product is described as a concentrate .non hot spot veterinary cream lotion.It also can be used on humans as a skin softener and moisturiser.This product was made in Penzance Cornwall but i have been unable to contact them.The Ingredients are Almond. Aloe Vera. Apricot.Avocado. Calendula. Jojoba. Glycerine. Lanolin. Vitamin A.E and D Oils. It Would be interesting to know what other Bedlington owners use on the newly clipped short areas of their Bedlingtons. Christine

Thank you Christine, I have never heard of Lorax and can’t find anything about the product on Google. Does anyone use this product! I use Sudocrem on any minor skin irritations on our dogs.  


Tina W said...

I use sudocrem or after sun lotion with aloe vera-the green gel.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Sudocrem or pure Aloe Vera.

Get aloe vera from Boyes only £2.99. Holland & Barrat also had it on offer at£2.99