20 July 2010

Midland Musings From Jane


Trevor & I had a holiday in our favourite place, (Southwold) last week. The weather was mixed but not too bad, certainly better than here in the Midlands or so I was told! The girls had an absolute blast! Maya found her sea legs at last, hurling herself into the waves with joy and total fearlessness. We had 2 encounters of the Bedlington kind. Firstly we met Violet and her family, Violet is a lovely young liver girl, who we have met before as her family have a holiday home close by. We then met Lou-Lou, a very pretty little blue girl about 12 months old. We didn’t see Digby this time however so we hope he is ok!


It was quite an emotional journey, as after 21 years at her present address my mother is down sizing to a bungalow. The good news is she is moving even closer to the coast, (YES!!!!!  you,ve guessed the girls want to move in with Granny!) We are looking forward to our next trip and hope it will be the start of a happy new life for mum.  Well that's all for now, best wishes to you all and your woolly ones. Jane xxx

Thank you Jane, we have never been to Southwold, if we are in the area it certainly is the quintessential seaside town not to be missed . The beach looks totally deserted even with the clear blue sky, maybe a cold wind blowing that day. Hope your mum’s move goes without any hassle, I bet she is excited and planning where everything is going to go.    


enid said...

Those photos made me want to jump in the camper and visit straight away. We've not been to that part but must make the effort to go soon.

big mo said...

thats good of your mother, to move to the seaside i think you should buy her an icecream