22 July 2010

Northeast Natter from Julie

Urgently wanted: Waterproof, windproof cosy caravan!

Good morning from the northeast and I don't think the weather knows what it wants to do down pours one minute then sunshine the next.  It’s July what is going on! Well the camping was good and bad the good parts are that we had 2 days of peace and some great walks until Thursday night which is the bad part. It started to rain and rain and then the wind started, well at about 4am we were woken by the tent poles snapping on one of the bedrooms and the camping stove been thrown to the other side of the tent. The wind was now gale force and the rain was going down so heavy that we had to get the tent down as quickly as we could. Everything was thrown in the car and we were on our way home at 6am. The dogs as always were great and didn't freak when all the drama was happening. Mind you I’m glad that we didn't have to stop on the way home as we both looked like drowned rats lol.Ken is now looking for a caravan.


Well with Leeds show this weekend there is no open shows in the northeast good luck if you are going I have to work so can’t make it hope everyone has a great time Julie x

Thank you Julie what a horrid end to your holiday, I think camping is great fun in a tent in glorious weather, the trouble is even in mid summer you cannot be sure you won’t be washed away! A caravan is definitely a better option in this country.   


mel said...

cleveland show is on this weekend as im going with the ferrets! x



Get a motorhome and as Mel has mentioned it's Cleveland show on Saturday which is normally a nice fine day.

See you there Mel.

The Makems

Donna said...

my son has just got back from walking yorkshire moors, everything is wet including his sleeping bag and pillow!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

As well as Cleveland Show on Saturday, it is also Ryedale Show on Tuesday.
Ryedale is a very good Agricultural / country show which has a very large Horse entry.
It also has the canine section which boasts a 127 class open show.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Also forgot that I think it will be the Working Terrier show at Roxby as well this Sunday.

bill said...

Hekington show is the place to be this weekend,kc dog show,working terrier and lurcher show and ferret show run by the same people that did Moorgreen Bedlington Champ

Tina W said...

Good luck to anyone showing this weekend.