20 July 2010

Polly Starts School

I am so lucky that Julie has let me have one of her puppies!

Hi Lesley Just had 2 weeks off work to settle Polly in with Rupert and Dora.  No computer at home or would have emailed earlier.  Things have gone very well, Polly is a bouncing bundle of good humour and fun.  She has such a good temperament and takes everything in her stride.  Polly is having her first obedience class next Tuesday at Reedyford DTC and I think she will take to it like a duck to water.  I will have my photos developed and will send you some. Dora has an obedience show on Sunday. We have a pre-beginners and a special Kennel Club pre-beginners class I am looking forward to the show.  Rupert loves his home and his walks round the reservoir. Hope you are all well.  Dot x

Thank you Dot, there is nothing better than a new puppy in the family and hope Polly enjoys her first lessons puppy school. Good luck to you and Dora at the obedience show on Sunday we are all very proud of you as it is not easy training a bedlington to competition standard.

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