27 July 2010


A Relaxing Week For he K9 Marshal Crew

Hello al, well it’s been a relaxing week for us up here in North Shropshire, It started off with Jazz and Sapphire helping us tidy the garden by trimming  some of the plants and bushes. While we were on our daily walk on Tuesday there were a load of Army, Navy and Air force personnel in one of the parks doing an inter forces Triathlon (5k swim 40k cycle ride and a 10k run).  Jazz, Sapphire and myself sat on one of the fishing posts to watch them  swim in the main mere ( rather them than me the water was cold)!


We clapped in support as they came out of the water to pick their bikes up. On Tuesday afternoon our friend phoned up to say he had a spare ticket to go and see The New Saints football team play Bohemian ( from Dublin Ireland) in the European cup, (an early round cup tie). We went to see the game and The New Saints won 4-0. To finish the week off the three of us went fishing at our friends pool where he has some nice Carp. The heaviest one we caught was 4.5 pounds, others caught were pounds heavier! After 3 hours and 15 fish we came home because Jazz and Sapphire were complaining that they  were hungry. We had some tea and a cuppa tea and settled down to watch Top Gear on the telly. Speak to you all soon Ian, Jazz and Little Sapphire The K9 Marshal Crew

Thank you Ian, I bet it was really cold in the Mere, these young service men are very tough! You may not have caught the biggest fish but I bet the dogs enjoyed relaxing by the pool on a warm sunny afternoon!


enid said...

Why don't you have a go? My son and grandaughter do triathlons.

bill said...

and what a Top Gear it was Ian

k9 said...

No Thanks Enid its to enagetic for me and wasnt top gear funny this week Billy lol The K9 Marshal Crew