20 July 2010

Sporting Bedlingtons

Hi All. Well its been a nice quite week here in North Shropshire for The K9 Marshal Crew, we have had our daily walks and meet up with all of our friends either down the Llangollen Canal, Montgomery Canal or round the two Meres. Then on one of the nights we were all watching Telly on different sports, when Jazz and little Sapphire took a keen interest in the programme and we started thinking (Very Dangerous for me I know) how many different kind of sports can the other bloggers think of that Bedlingtons can dominate in (just for a bit of fun) i.e. if you all remember Jazz and Sapphire's picture from our last report in our friends Grass Tracking Car, This could be classed as Extreme Terrier Racing (First to the finishing line gets a Big Smacko chew) So get you're thinking caps on folks lol The K9 Marshal Crew!


Extreme Terrier Racing

Thank you Ian, this is a difficult one, we have a few fishing bedlingtons, Yuva and Thandi go out with their mum running along side the bike . I don’t know of any more sporting Bedlingtons but there are bound to be bloggers whose dogs take part in other sporting activities.


big mo said...

My dogs like to chase the horses the other side of there fence, so , but i dont know what to call this sport, perhaps who can make the horses run first.

Polly said...

Kevins Bedlingtons enjoy swimming, (although this hasn't shown up in mine.)

Enid's Bedlingtons like climbing

Lesley's do agility

Do we have enough sports for an olympic team? Watch out in 2012 LOL

Sarah and Tony said...

Ed and Ossie go mountaineering?