30 June 2010

Thursday And Our Northeast Natter From Julie

Good morning from the Northeast and we have had a very busy week getting the dogs ready for the weekend show. We  also have a new car we had to travel to the lakes  to go and see it and  then  picked it up on Wednesday. We  have an A4 estate with a bit of a kick! Both whisper and Piper have tried the boot out for size and I can’t wait for Saturday to test it going to a show  There are 2 shows this weekend in the Northeast

1. Ashington and district on Saturday 3rd at Birthy Sport Complex

2.. Lanchester show on Sunday 4Th

I'm not going to be able to get to Sunday show so if anyone is going please send the results to Lesley and any photos. The champ show season is now in full swing and it is great to see all the photos. Well that is all from me this week if you are heading to Windsor have a great time and I hope the weather says nice. Good luck and enjoy, Julie xx


This is Issac in Billy’s  jeep going through Sherwood Forest at the weekend, he was at a Steam Rally in Clumber Park.

Thank you Julie, how exciting a new car, what colour is it? Jon had a bright red A4 saloon car a while ago. Good luck at the show on Saturday  and will look forward to the photos. I love the photo of Issacc he certainly is taking note of where he is going!


Sarah and Tony said...

Good luck for Saturday. We might get along to Lanchester on Sunday - depends if I get called into work, and how late a night we have at a wedding on Saturday.

ed and rebecca said...

Have fun! Thats a smart photo of Isaac.

Tina W said...

Billy told me he was at an auto salvage sale!

bill said...

all kinds there Tina,steam engines,classic cars and bikes,army vehicles and autojumble
next week Newark i think

Tina W said...

Think I'd rather watch paint dry!!

k9 said...

What a great picture of Issac Billy. we wish we were going with you but we got yet another dog display event on Saturday. The K9 Marshal Crew