23 July 2010

TJ Has A New Sister!

Hi Bloggers. We have a new friend for TJ, please meet Summer, we just picked her up at the weekend from Ralph & Pam Garbutt, but we've been so busy with the new addition, this is the first chance I've had to send through any pictures.  What a little character she is!  She has settled in very well. Summer and TJ are having wild half hours together, we are so pleased they are getting on very well, but poor TJ is starting to feel what her sharp little teeth feel like, they soon get tired though and both flake out!!  Bedtime is great, she goes to bed about 10ish and wake's up around 6.30am for breaky!  No sleepless nights thank goodness! I'll keep you all updated of her progress over the next coming weeks. The McNally's



Fantastic news, we welcome Little Summer to the blog. I am sure the dogs are going have endless hours of fun and games. Pups do have razor sharp teeth, but I am sure TJ will soon teach her to be gentle when play fighting. we will look forward to lots more photos



Hello Lesley

Glad all's going OK, we'll be up to Summer after she has had her jabs then she can meet up with Dusty.

The Makems

Elaine & Ern said...

Congratulations - will look forward to seeing her when you are out and about!
Mac, Lily and occasionally Minnie.

Trish said...

She is adorable. The 2 of them will have so much fun together.....as will you. Enjoy!

k9 said...

Hello little Summer pups and a Big Welcome From Ian, Jazz ans Sapphire pups The K9 Marshal Crew

Benny said...

So sweet she is! :)

big mo said...

welcome to our world,