27 August 2010

8 Today, A Very happy Birthday to:

D-1 Diesel

di_lure_3 Diamond



Hammer ( Master Earthdog )

These dogs may not be show champions but have proved themselves, in the field of Agility, Earthdog, Rally lure coursing and heelwork to music winning numerous prizes in the UK and in the USA. Fit for life and purpose but under many show judges not fit for a place in the show ring! I am proud to have bred these dogs who are a credit to the world of the Bedlington terrier. I would like to thank Jeri a good friend who made a brave decision to import my working outcross “Burmington” puppies. .


Agathasmum Louise said...

Happy birthday Diesel, Diamond and Hammer. Diesel, you certainly don't look your age, make sure your mum let's you have your pork pie!!

big mo said...

happy birthday to you all.

Trish said...

Happy Birthday to all of you! What a wonderful bunch a bedlingtons you are. Diesel, so are such a cutie! Here is to another glorious 8 years!

tom.chisholm said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a GREAT group of Bedlingtons!

Great photos!!!!


patricia said...

Happy birthday diesel, and what super pictures.!!

k9 said...

Happy Birthday from The K9 Marshal Crew

Keira said...

Happy Birthday to the Healthy Team!!!!

Polly said...

Happy Birthday Diesel and the rest. What a great team. Pity some judges can't appreciate a really fit dog capable of working.