24 August 2010


Alys Goes To The Seaside

This is a photo of our new puppy Alys, this was her first trip to the seaside, before she was allowed to walk outside. We had to replace our computer so could not send before. She is now about 20 weeks will send up to date photo soon. Rod Chris Lucy & Alys


Thank you Rod and Chris  for the photo  I wonder what they are watching? With the new computer no excuse not to send us lots of photos, it is lovely for us to watch pups grow up on the blog.


J&T said...

Hi little Alys, welcome to the blog. Bedlingtons just love their trips to the seaside don,t they?Keep us to date as you grow,we will love to hear your news.
Jane xxx

ed and rebecca said...

Hello Alys, nice to meet you! Looking forward to lots of new photos!x

k9 said...

Hello Alys Welcolm to the blog and we are looking foward to seeing more of you're loverly pictures on the blog from Ian, Jazz and little Sapphire (The K9 Marshal Crew)

patricia said...

Hi Alys, you are very pretty, looking forward to lots more pics.

big mo said...

helo little girl