30 August 2010

Bank Holiday with Ed, Ossie, Rosie & Jasper

We’ve had a busy time, Saturday at the Weardale Agricultural show, where Ed came 2nd in the terrier class. We met a lovely 13-week-old Bedlie puppy ‘Fizz’ who came 3rd in the puppy class. We told her owners about the blog, as well as a couple who’d like a Bedlington. We’ve told lots of people about Vinny – hope he gets a new home soon.

Sunday we joined a friend who was doing a guided walk for a Newcastle Ramblers Group, and had a very interesting and educational 5 mile walk around the Sillver and Lead mines of Castleside, Co Durham. Here we are stopping for a snack, near an old water wheel pit which powered the machinery at the mine.


Thank you Tony and Sarah, sounds like you had a very enjoyable walk but from the look of your clothing it must have been some what cold!! I do hope Vinny finds a home soon, Vinny is still a young dog and will make a great family pet.

Well done to Ed who came second in the terrier class, and hopefully we will soon get to meet Fizz and her owners. 



Looks like a good walking area Tony. But as usual wet in the Durham Hills.

The Makems

k9 said...

Looks like you guys and gals had lots of fun lol The K9 Marshal Crew

Sarah and Tony said...

We were lucky to fit the walk in between the rain showers. It was a chilly windy route though.

ed and rebecca said...

Looks like you had a good day!