06 August 2010

Bedlingtons love their blankets!


There must be something about bedlingtons and blankets - this one is Freddie (Sevray Rebus) at last weekend's EELKS show at Newmarket. Love Viv

Thanks Viv, Freddie looks so warm and cosy with not a care in the world!


J&T said...

Sweet dreams Freddie, you look so peaceful.
Jane xxx

Trish said...

They do love blankets, don't they? My house has them everywhere. Only a dog person would understand the "look" I have in my bedroom.

martin and julie said...

Hi Freddie! you look ever so comfortable there.

Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Martin and Julie, Jasper and Fosbury.

tony waller said...

Bedlingtons sure like their confort.


They certainly love blankets, duvets also, especially the one's on the bed.

The Makems

enid said...

Peace, perfect peace!